Two Club-Lengths from a Yellow Line?

Two Club-Lengths from a Yellow Line?

September 19, 2016

When is it okay for a player to drop a ball two club-lengths from a regular water hazard (yellow) line?

The situation above occurred during the 2nd round at the 2016 Albertsons Boise Open, part of the Web.com Tour Finals.

The 3rd hole is a par 5 with a lake short and right of the green. On Friday, Jonathan Randolph hit his second shot into the lake, which is defined as a lateral water hazard (red line) on the side closest to hole #3 and a regular water hazard (yellow line) on the side on hole #4.

As his ball last crossed the lateral water hazard (red), one of his options under Rule 26 was to drop a ball on the opposite margin of the lateral water hazard equidistant from the hole to where he lasted crossed the margin of the hazard.

The point on the opposite side of the lake was determined, which happened to be marked with a yellow line (water hazard) instead of a red line.  The question was raised on if this affected his options now under the Rules.

Decision 26-1/13 covers this situation and tells us that relief is determined according to the status of the hazard at the point where the ball last crossed the hazard margin.

He was able to measure two club-lengths not nearer the hole from the yellow line and drop his ball in this area under penalty of one stroke.


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