Slip Up

Slip Up


Rob Keller, PGRA Rules Official

25 July 2016

In the first round of the Utah Championship presented by Zions Bank, Benjamin Alvarado was walking around the face of a bunker that his ball had come to rest in on the 16th hole. As he walked around the steep face, he lost his footing and slid into the bunker near his line of play.

Photograph by Lorem Ipsum via Unsplash

The first question in this ruling, was if there was a penalty for grounding his club as it touched the ground when he slid into the bunker. Per Rule 13-4, he was not under penalty as it resulted from the fall itself.


Secondly, the area that had been disturbed could not be raked and smoothed as it would have resulted in the improvement of his line of play under Rule 13-2 and Decision 13-2/29. In this case, the slip up resulted in a no harm, no foul outcome.



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  • Ron Robinson, PGA Posted July 25, 2016 9:28 pm

    Thank you Rob Keller. Your expertise is always appreciated. Also, thank you for all your contributions to the SCPGA Rules Committee and the SCPGA Tournament Program. Rob you truly operated your PGA Section responsibilities with heart and compassion. I appreciate all your assistance and leadership over the past ten years.

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