PGA TOUR Official Mickey Bradley Needs a Free Drop

PGA TOUR Official Mickey Bradley Needs a Free Drop

Over the span of his nearly 25 year career, veteran PGA TOUR Rules Official Mickey Bradley has given many a free drop. After being diagnosed with cancer just over 12 months ago, it’s time for Mickey to get a free drop of his own.

After a series of chemo treatments his doctors have recently informed him that stem cell treatment is his best option for recovery. As this procedure is not covered by insurance, it’s time for the world of golf to give Mickey a helping hand.

Mickey’s popularity with players, sponsors and tournament staff, both in the US and around the world is notorious. This is none more evident than the recent fund raising initiative started by PGA TOUR veteran Jerry Kelly. As Jerry states, “he was always there for us, now it’s time for us to be there for him”.

For those of us fortunate enough to work with him, each of us on the Rules Committee can recount examples that portray his overwhelming kindness, generosity and love of life. Whether it be his delivery of ice-cream to other officials during the hot summer months, his legendary cookouts for players, caddies and sponsors or his lighthearted sense of humor that made long days seem short. His infectious personality made him not only very popular with his colleagues, but throughout all spectrums of the TOUR. From the security personnel, to CEO’s, to maintenance staff, to the volunteer core, he treated all with the same dignity and respect and was truly loved for it.

Our goal is to help raise $100,000 for medical expenses. Should you wish to provide a helping hand and give Mickey the free drop he so desperately needs, please click on the link below:


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