Course Marking / Turf Nurseries

Course Marking / Turf Nurseries

We have discussed course marking in many articles on the PGRA website.  One we have not discussed is the subject of turf nurseries.  These areas are normally well out of play and out of sight.  Occasionally, however, they get close to play and the Rules Committee needs to decide on how to treat it.

Course Marking / Turf Nurseries

This week in Dallas we have such a case right of the 8th hole at the TPC Four Seasons at Las Colinas.

The area is approximately 30 x 50 yards and about 40 yards right of the fairway/drive zone.  It primarily consists of putting green surface but it also has areas that have been used to sod fairway and rough as well.When deciding what to do with this area, always discuss with the golf course superintendent whether he would want players playing from any of this area.  His decision makes a big difference how to mark it and what might need to be included on the Notice to Competitors.

Most times, areas in turf nurseries that are maintained at putting green height are treated as wrong putting greens whereby a player must take relief.  Situations like that should be included on the Notice to Competitors.  This week the superintendent does not mind if a player plays from that area so all we needed to do was circle the entire area with a white line and treat it all as ground under repair and the player can decide whether he wants to take relief.

This is yet another example of the importance of preparing for all circumstances on a course before the competition begins.  Knowing how this area is treated before a ball ends up in an old hole plug on a turf nursery will greatly aid the Committee man who needs to make the ruling.

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