Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Each year the USGA and the PGA of America team up to provide rules of golf workshops. The 4 day seminars provide in-depth education on the rules of golf .  Every aspect of all 34 rules are broken down and taught from the most basic facts to the highly complicated parts of the rules of golf.

To be a rules official or to work in the golf industry at any level, attending and taking the 3 hour exam is an essential component to being a rules official.  

Although we as PGA TOUR referees are not required to attend and take the exam each year, many of us still choose to go.  This year, I worked the first 9 out of 10 tournament weeks for the PGA TOUR.  On one of my weeks off why would I ever choose to attend a rules seminar when that is all I ever do each and every week?  The simple answer is to continue my education and to learn something new.

Anyone who has ever glanced at a Decisions book on the Rules of Golf knows that it is thick in size, complicated to find an answer and difficult to understand and comprehend.  Like any official in any sport, you want to continue to sharpen your skills and try to become better today than you were yesterday.  

Continuing Education

A great reason to attend these seminars is to see and converse with other golf administrators around the United States.

This week I’ve had the privilege to reconnect with my former co-workers from the Southern California Golf Association.  Having worked for the SCGA for 5 years, I have formed and established deep connections with them and the overall Southern California golf region.  They are truly one of the best golf associations in the country and they have always been on the cutting edge with best practices and staffing in the golf industry.

20 years ago I sat in one of these seminars.  I was looking to change careers and explore my options as a golf administrator.  Not knowing what job opportunities were available, I received some valuable advice from the SCGA’s current Executive Director Kevin Heaney.  No matter what area of golf I decided to work in, he suggested that I get a strong background in the rules of golf because it would provide credibility with my peers in the golfing industry.  Advice I took to heart and because of this advice, have been attending these workshops ever since.

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